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The Book Shelf is a not for profit community run library and shabby palace of wisdom.

The Book Shelf has full public liability insurance and trained first aiders.

They can be a venue for talks and can also act as an information point for your event.

Both for Recreational Use and as a Religious Sacrement it's use has been widespread throughout history.

The fact that it has an intoxicating effect has been a useful tool for Prohibitions and Manufactures of Fossil Fuel products to keep this most renewable of resources from reaching it's full potential.

Benderskum online Whodathunkit?


This is a copy (from memory) with a few new editions of something I started painting about 1985/6. The idea was; over the years I would add a new Me as I looked at the time painting this same made up scene. Of course over the years I would age and look different, my childen called it The Masterpiece because it was always around with the occasional new bit. It's a bit involved and every part indicates something specific to me many of which can't be seen in this photograph. The original was a part of the kitchen when I lived in the woods it had a couple of holes where nails had been it is on plywood and had a bolt through it. The original no longer exists I am led to believe it was cut up and burned which although upsetting led to this more complete, less holey new version being made.

Selfestrie Bayeaux



Cannabis is a fast growing plant that can easily achieve a height of 4m in a mere 110 days.


It requires no Herbicides or Pesticides, will grow almost anywhere that can sustain plant life.


It is almost unbelievable that this extremely versatile

plant is not even used to a shadow of it's resource potential.

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